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Who we are . . .

As a Scholé Group, we are a homeschooling community that employs the content of a classical curriculum and the pedagogy of restful learning embodied by the word scholé. The word scholé (pronounced skoh-LAY) comes from a Greek word that means “restful learning,” with the connotation of “contemplation,” “conversation,” and “reflection.”  Our mission is to pursue deep engagement that results in enjoyable, permanent learning—that is, to bring scholé to our homeschool co-op.

Our Children

why we do what we do

Our Leadership Team

guiding our students to wisdom and mastery

Christy Stewart

Director of Curriculum and Instruction

Christy oversees all levels of SHCH with particular regard to the curriculum and methods of instruction. She hopes to build unity in the execution of the Scholé educational philosophy and general operations of the co-op. Christy also enjoys the roles of consulting in the subject area of language arts and teaching Great Books and Writing in the Upper School.

Carla Snyder

Pre-Grammar School Director

Carla brings her many years of homeschooling experience to our Pre-Grammar School (Pre K-1st grades).  She is an excellent source of mentoring for young or new homeschooling families and has shaped the Pre-Grammar program into a peaceful world of discovery and wonder.  We rejoice with her as she is expecting a new member to her family this fall and will be limiting her responsibilities this year accordingly.

Carolyn Baddorf

Grammar School Director

Carolyn shares her love of classical education by directing our Grammar School (2nd-6th grades). Carolyn’s vision for developing a learning environment where truth, goodness and beauty are contemplated in peace is a driving force for the entire SHCH. Carolyn also teaches the Language Arts C class and multiple Latin classes and hopes to further her studies of logic.

Susan Barrick

Building Liaison and Treasurer

Susan is the liaison for Scholé and our host church, New Hope Church, handling all communication with them and all operations of the building including set-up, clean-up, and use of any church owned property.  She serves as a hostess to all our member families and seeks to meet any needs that arise relating to the building, supplies, and operations. Susan also manages the checkbook and shares her love for history by teaching our Grammar School History courses.


Beth Miller

Upper School Director

Beth brings her passion for excellence in learning to our Upper School (7th-12th grades) and is a mentoring voice into the leadership team’s decisions and operations. Beth has spent time developing the Scholé philosophy and practices at the Upper School especially in the areas of science and math. Beth also teaches science and Latin classes at the Upper School as well as consults in the subject area of science across all levels.

Rachel Bosworth

Accountant and Pre-Grammar/Nursery Representative

Rachel joins our leadership team this year to lend her accounting skills to our finances and to be a voice for our Pre-Grammar and Nursery families at leadership meetings. Rachel also will be teaching Grammar School Science.

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